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Interesting article written by an Indian Economist

Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:25 pm by niranjan

An interesting story about world economy. How valid is it? I leave it to you.

Amazing logic indeed. This is a crazy world! Interesting article written by an Indian Economist

Japanese save a lot. They do not spend much. Also, Japan exports far more than it imports. Has an annual trade surplus of over 100 billion. Yet Japanese economy is considered weak, even collapsing.

Americans spend, save …

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Isn't there anyone in Sri Lanka who can think Mr Prime Minister ?

Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:15 pm by hettihewa

I read on Sunday times today that rime minister is requesting cabinet to approve USD 2.3 Mn ( Rs 340 Mn) to hire a US based consultancy firm McKinsey and Company to advice Sri Lanka Government how to “set up a Central Programme Management Unit.”

We know that for prime minister anything foreign is gold.

Cant he find anyone in Sri Lanka who can think without spending so much money on a …

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Thu Sep 15, 2016 6:05 pm by niranjan


1. “Build The Sri Lankan knowledge economy” a study carried out On ‘Knowledge for Development’ Strategy, by the Finance and private sector development unit of World Bank in 2007 , identified 4 factors that would drive the economic growth , termed as the four pillars of …

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Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:12 pm by niranjan


PROPOSED NEW CONSTITUTION Undoubtedly should be to benefit the people , by the people whom they have elected to act on their behalf , through a so called democratic process but in realty which is limited from the time of the parliament is dissolved and until a new government is elected which is the bitter truth!

Therefor it’s the …

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Village Councils for sustainable economic growth and political stability

Mon Aug 22, 2016 7:08 pm by niranjan

Setting up strong Village Councils could be the way forward to bring sustainable Economic and Political Growth in Sri Lanka which has been talked about but not much attention has been made.

1. There are 14022 Gramasawaka Divisions In the country where a strong administration new work is already in existence, which could be converted into Strong Political and administrative units rather than …

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සිපෙට්කෝටත් අබ සරණයි...

Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:27 pm by NRF

2014 ලාබය රුපියල් මිලියන 1633 යි..
2015 පාඩුව රුපියල් මිලියන 18384 යි..
(2015 මුදල් අමාත්‍යංශ වාර්තාව)

ඔය අතරෙ මේ ටිකත්
සිතා බැලුවොත් හොඳයි...

- 2014 වසරේ බොර තෙල් බැරලයක
මිල …

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හෙජින් ගණුදෙනුව

Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:51 pm by NRF

හෙජින් ගණුදෙනුවේ
අදට සම්පූරණ අලාභය
රුපියල් කෝටි 1020 යි...
2015 වසරේ පමණක්
ලෝක වෙළඳ පොලේ තෙල් මිල
අඩුවීම නිසා 2014ට සාපේක්ෂව
යහපාලන රජයට ඉතිරි වූ …

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තෙල් මිල අඩුවී ඇති අද, ගුවන් සමාගම් විකිනීම සාධාරණද ?

Thu Jul 28, 2016 9:12 pm by hettihewa

ලෝක වෙළඳ පොලේ ඉන්ධන මිල 50% පහල යාමත් සමඟ 2015 වසරේ මිහින් ලංකා ආයතනය රුපියල් බිලියන 1.3 ක ලාබයක් ලැබීය

ශ්‍රී ලාංකන් ගුවන් සේවයේ වාර්ශික පාඩුව 63% කින් පහලට …

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An Economy in turmoil

Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:53 pm by Hasitha

The inability of the present leadership to manage the country effectively is quite visible. The economy as shown above is in turmoil. Within 1 ½ years the prime minister has announced 3 different policy statements in parliament and public are wondering which one is valid. The budget 2016, which was presented in November 2015, has been the biggest amusement in the Sri Lankan parliamentary …

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Passage of ‘OMP’ and the International Convention on Enforced Disappearance

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Passage of ‘OMP’ and the International Convention on Enforced Disappearance

Post by jayampathi on Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:34 am

The concept of sovereignty of the people as stated in the 1978 Constitution means the authority of the government is created by the consent of the people. The government is granted with the people’s power ‘sovereignty’, on trust, in order to serve the public. This is the reason why in most democratic countries, governments are known to be ‘by the people for the people.’ Peoples’ Sovereignty is a fundamental right guaranteed under the Constitution. The writer is of the view that the recent passing of the "Office of Missing Persons" bill was a violation of the citizens’ fundamental rights.

The draft Bill to establish an ‘Office on Missing Persons’ (OMP) was passed with amendments in Parliament without a vote on 11th August 2016. The section 27(iii) of the OMP referred to the ‘International convention on enforced disappearances’. On perusal of the Bill one will realize that the OMP bill does not have an annexure attaching to this convention by way of a schedule.

Also, there appears to be a procedural flaw in signing and ratifying the Convention, as the due process has not been followed in ratifying the Convention at the United Nations office on 25th May 2016, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Sri Lanka. The real issue is the ‘International convention on enforced disappearances’ was ratified on 25th May 2016 without obtaining the necessary parliamentary and cabinet approvals. What was approved at the Cabinet on the 24th May 2016 (previous day) was not the convention itself, but this controversial "OMP Bill", which was subsequently gazetted on 27th May 2016. It is relevant to mention here that it was presented to the Parliament by the Prime Minister on 22nd June. The ‘convention on forced disappearances’ document has not been tabled in parliament, either along with the ‘OMP’ Bill or prior to presenting the said bill.  Further, it was revealed that the Foreign Ministry office does not have a copy of this convention in the Sinhala language, which is one of the official languages.

This shows that the passing of ‘OMP Bill ’was not carried out with due care and caution. The procedure has not been followed and the members were not aware of the contents of the International Convention as there was no attachment to the bill. According to media reports, there are few more inconsistencies in the OMP Bill. It could, therefore, be argued that the ‘OMP’ Bill is inconsistent with the Constitution and requires a two-thirds majority, and may be approval by the people at a referendum. It has to be expressly specified in the long title of a Constitutional Amendment Bill that the Bill is for the amendment to the Constitution, otherwise it is not valid.

It is noted that the four Presidential Commissions of Inquiry into the Disappearance of Persons, which were appointed in the 1990s, have made recommendations such as persons responsible for disappearances must be prosecuted no matter who the perpetrators are etc. It seems that so far no action has been taken in this regard. The OMP, if set up despite public protests, must first go into these matters and finality must be reached before initiating action on investigating new incidents.

As citizens, we would like to verify these facts from the Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as to why the above convention was ratified at the UN (papers were submitted to UN by MOF on 5th May 2016) without following due process of obtaining necessary parliamentary and cabinet approval.

It is not too late for H.E the President MS to refer this controversial OMP Bill to the Supreme Court under Article 129, where if he feels that it is expedient to obtain the opinion of the Supreme Court on any question of law stated in the ‘OMP’. Thereafter the SC shall report its opinion to the President.

We speak about a limited government under unlimited sovereignty. What we bind to the law is the government and not the sovereignty. Sovereignty remains unrestricted, but institutions - executive, legislature, and judiciary will have to observe its limitations. Even if the President of Sri Lanka, the ‘executive’ violates the constitution on a serious breach, an impeachment against the President could be brought up by the ‘sovereign’ - the citizens of Sri Lanka.


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